Saturday, August 17, 2013

A lovely waste of time

At our Girl Gang retreat a couple of years ago we discussed Pinterest. One of our Gang members asked what it was, and I replied, "It's a lovely waste of time." I used to spend a good chunk of my morning routine scouring the boards to see the overnight activity...and I would get completely sucked into that vortex and my brain would zip and zing in a million directions and think about all those wonderful projects I could possibly make! This is me: day I just stopped. I needed to do and make things instead of spending precious time looking at things that I might make. I stopped in January. When we had our Girl Gang Retreat this year, it had been 3 weeks since I had visited Pinterest and thought I would catch up then, but I didn't. After returning home, I still didn't get back to it. I began working on my own projects.

This week I finally dove in--lately when I'm searching for something on Google, i.e., quilting designs, etc., I'm led to someone's Pinterest board. I saw enough there to log in to my account and looked for a while, and even pinned a couple of things. I did NOT look at everything I've missed over the last 7 months! 

I worried that I would again get sucked into the vortex, and my fears were unfounded. I think I've finally broken the habit. It's still a lovely waste of time and sometimes it's good for finding what you're looking for, but I'm now of the mindset that I would rather work on my projects and accomplish something while I'm here on this earth. I'm sure I'll go back to it from time to time, but for now I'm saying:

Which reminds me--I know I haven't posted about the remainder of my stay-cation--I need to take better photos of what I worked on and should have that post up by the end of the weekend. 

Happy quilting,