Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2014 Progress Report

Hello, Peeps! Hope it hasn't been too hot or soggy in your 'hoods. The temps haven't been as bad as they could be, but we've had a good bit of rain and it alternates between soggy and pleasant around here.

Not much progress in June since my mid-month report. The Christmas half log cabin is quilted and ready for binding, as is the baby bullseye quilt. And speaking of baby bullseye quilts, our new grandnephew made his entry into the world almost a month early! In fact, I got the call from his grandmother the morning I started piecing together the binding strips for his quilt. He has been in Texas Children's Hospital for over a week with a breathing problem and is on a ventilator and feeding tube, but he is improving daily and hopefully will soon be home with Mommy and Daddy.

I had hoped to finish the bullseye quilt this weekend and send it on, but life intervenes once again. Our middle son Ross moved in Friday night and we have to finish making plans for our big 5th of July Festival at my sister's which is next weekend--we're in charge of all things food. And daily the list of desired foodstuff changes.

And the sewing machine is being petty again. She apparently hates lots of humidity just as much as I do. She's staring at me with her blank face again and I'm patiently waiting to sew the borders on the bullseye quilt label so I can attach the binding. I hope she gets over herself in the next couple of hours.

So, let's see how I did with my June goals:

Goal 1 - Piece the backing and quilt the baby bullseye quilt - DONE! Here's a glimpse of a portion of the quilt; I'll show the finished quilt after the binding is attached. I had a tough time getting started on this one, and I believe it's due to the CHEAP fabric I used for the back. Never again. But it's quilted!

Goal 2 - Get half of the United We Stand quilt done - ZIP, NADA, NOTHING. It's still on the design wall with no changes. I found other fabric I thought was more suitable to the background that arrived on Thursday. What you see below will now be part of the backing, minus the circles: 

Goal 3 - Finish the half log cabin Christmas quilt - close, but not quite. It is quilted, but it still needs the binding.

Close ups of quilting of Peace on Earth--decided on feathers for the red portion of the border and swirls for the beige portion.
 Goal 4 - Trick or Treat - complete 5 blocks - 4 blocks completed. I'm not stitching at night while watching TV because it's too hot. I'm also too lazy at this point to take a photo of them, so I'll show them with next month's grouping.

Like I said, not much done, but something is better than nothing. I'm glad two quilts are quilted and off the frame, because I have an announcement to make:

I have taken in my first quilt for a paying customer.

Hope I haven't just jinxed myself. My girlfriend Debbie is packing up her studio, Jubilee Quilted Creations, and moving to Wichita where her husband has been working for almost two years. They found a rental that has a living room big enough for her longarm and she's very happy that it gets to go with her. Katrina and I are helping her pack up the studio. When we were over there one night Debbie handed me a quilt and said, "Katrina says you like to do straight lines, and I don't!" So it will be on the frame soon and I will spend lots of time on this one. It's for Katrina's sister, Carla, and I hope she'll be pleased!

OH, YAY! Just as I typed the above statement, the sewing machine smiled at me! Yay! Excuse me for a moment while I get back to her while she's talking to me...

OK, back! LOL And just a little taste of the hasn't yet been gifted, so I can't show you the whole thing.

Shopping in my Stash: As mentioned above, I purchased some yardage for the United we Stand project--3 yards. After 6 months I had hoped to be at least 18 yards out, but I'm only at 4.625. I'm hoping to make a lot more progress in the last half of this year.

Here's hoping you had a quilty-good time in June--now, go quilt!

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