Sunday, January 22, 2017

Some random thoughts!

And the typos in this post are courtesy of my oldest cat, Cleo, Queen of all she surveys.

So, the word for the past couple of weeks has been PATIENCE. While I should have stayed home last Saturday and sewed to my heart's content, I instead went to the Bernina dealer and another quilt shop with Cindy and LeiLani. I picked up the two feet I ordered back in November and purchased a lot of thread and some embroidery scissors.

Why the need for patience? Because Hubster said he would work on my new sewing tabletop this past weekend. Saturday evening and Sunday morning I was able to stitch out two embroidery designs while I cleaned off the tabletop in preparation for the cut-out for The Beast. Around noonish the work began, but Hubster's brain kicked into gear and started thinking about all the possibilities for the another cut-out for my Pfaff...or an appliance pop-up shelf for the Pfaff and/or the serger...or yardsticks all around the perimeter of the table (I liked that idea)...

I suppose it's the same for anyone, including myself--once you get in the arena, the excitement begins.

But each idea that is implemented increases the amount time that it will take to complete the project. We all know this when we consider design changes to our quilts.

I want The Beast in her spot ASAP, but the additional upgrades sound good, too. Hubster is the type of guy that wants to get it all done and never have to make any modifications ever again. Even as I type this, he's telling me about more ideas he has for the table. In other words, the ideas never stop and it's hard to bring the project to a conclusion so it's useable.

So we agreed to a variation of the yardstick idea--I ordered some ruler decals for the table and we'll adhere them to the table next weekend, and then we'll polyurethane it. Here are some progress shots:

She fits!
Since he dug out the hole (so to speak) and reset my platform, I've been sewing every evening and it's been a dream. I've been experiencing that euphoria (ok, the HIGH) that comes from spending time doing something I love!

I am playing catch-up with the black and white swap blocks I was supposed to exchange with Cindy and LeiLani last year. They were faithful and brought their blocks every month, but I got sidelined with other projects. I decided that would be my first project this year and I'm happy to say that I completed 3 sets of blocks last night and that should be it. Sneak peek:

I got to pick out our group project this year. Instead of doing a block swap, I suggested we each make our own La Passacaglia quilt.
 Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein

We each bought a set of templates at the quilt show in Houston in November. Then I bought a larger set of templates. I want to either hand or machine piece the quilt; I do not like English paper piecing. We'll see what happens.

I've been sewing this weekend (which is why the table won't be finished until next weekend). The sun finally came out Friday afternoon and spent the day with us yesterday. Thunderstorms last night and tornado warnings at 71°! A year ago today, this is what we had:
Welcome to Arkansas.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you may be. In the meantime, go quilt!