Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

We typically don't do much for Valentine's Day; a few years ago we started a tradition of eating in instead of fighting for reservations at a swanky fine dining establishment. We get to dress in whatever fashion we choose (usually sweat pants and t-shirts), we can eat and drink as much as we want (!), and the food is always fabulous. This is what we had for dinner:
Tuscan Ribeye, baked potatoes (white for Hubster, sweet for me), roasted cauliflower
Recipe for the steak is at We were supposed to have roasted Brussel sprouts, but Hubster forgot to pick them up at the store this morning. We're having roasted cauliflower instead. (I LOVE roasted vegetables.)

What the Hubster did pick up today was this lovely:
Notice the quilt books in the background...
The color is gorgeous. He wants me to take it to the office because it's so blah and needs a shot of color. I am happy to oblige.

And this is what I made for him - a mug rug for work (I guess office was the theme this year?):
My hot red chili pepper heart!
It's not perfect; this is my first attempt at improvisational piecing. I have to tell you that when I was working on it yesterday, the euphoria settled in and it was a wonderful afternoon. I'll be doing that again soon! Everything came out of my fabric cave for this one. Here's a couple of shots from when I remembered to take photos while I was working on it:
Whacking away...
Ready for quilting
Hope you're having a wonderful day, and if you're able to, GO QUILT!