Saturday, February 6, 2016

What's up?

I had a wonderful sew day with LeiLani and Cindy on Sunday. We were missing Katrina (she was ill), but we are a true group that falls under the category of "Stitch and Bitch". We stitch, we share, we conspire, we lift each other up. It's all good.
I schlepped my machine over to LeiLani's, but first I had to clean off the cover because I apparently have not taken my machine anywhere in over 3 years! And boy, was it heavy. This is what I worked on:
It's "Broken Arrows" by Gerry Kimmel Carr of Red Wagon Quilts fame. It's in the book "Quilts Talk: My happy book" published in 1993. In this book are many quilts I want to make; I purchased it just after I started quilting and had seen the trunk show at Stitchin' Post. I swooned. 
Here we are 23 years later and I'm finally making a quilt from the book. Those of you who have followed Red Wagon Quilts and Gerry know that she uses templates for everything. I didn't feel like making templates, so I went back to my old standby of using the Buggy Barn technique. I measured the block templates, cut fabric pieces to my adjusted size, and created a freezer paper template to use for whacking. Then I changed my mind and just whacked willy nilly, and I'm liking it.

I think I need to make more blocks. I'm also thinking about hand quilting it in the kantha style.

I'm continuing my visit through mudland but hope to go back to walking through the brights sometime soon...I'm making another retirement quilt and it will be bright!

Other stuff:
Shameless plug - my oldest is making leather goods. He exhibited today at HeART of the Bar at South on Main, and here's a photo of some of the bags he was selling:
He will be uploading more stuff on Instagram. I hope to score one of those bags soon, but I bought this one today:
I'll take it with me to the Girl Gang retreat later this month!

Emmy - she's our youngest son's cat, but we've had her for 15 years. She's so small she looks like a kitten. Sunday night she had splayed herself over the arm of the loveseat, fallen asleep and was running in her sleep. I should have made a video but only snapped this shot:

Have a great weekend! Go quilt!

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