Monday, December 26, 2016


Christmas in our family is a 3-day celebration.

David, our youngest, has his birthday on December 23. He always wants a themed dinner with a particular cuisine in mind. This year was simple; a shrimp boil and we really enjoyed the simplicity of it. And darn it all, I took no photos.

We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve morning. We always do a brunch with my breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, sausage rolls, cheese rolls and mimosas. Steph made haystacks and toffee crack.

The day was unseasonably warm, but I'll take it over a foot of snow and no power!

Opening up the presents--Steph with the flag string I made her (that's David on the left). I'll post a photo when it's installed for the Independence Day celebration (and on Holly's lap is the quilt I made for her; more on that in another post):

Britta, Ross, Jack, Syd and Emma:

The Hubster, a/k/a Santa Claus:

A beautiful yarn bowl for me from Steph and Holly:

I also received some gorgeous handmade scissors from Emma and David.

We completely vegged out the rest of the day on Christmas Eve. Dinner was meatballs, rice balls, tomato sauce, bread and salad. We binge-watched several episodes of The Crown.

Christmas Day was spent cooking and cleaning for dinner. The Allens joined us and we enjoyed a wonderful feast followed by a wild round of Cards Against Humanity.

Test batch of Lion House rolls:

The rib roast:

New dish - Tuscan Asparagus:

Another new dish - French Luxe Potatoes:

The dinner batch of Lion House rolls:

Katrina's fabulous apple pie with homemade crust!

It was a wonderful time! We're relaxing today and I'm planning my week for lots of sewing.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. I'm thinking about what we'll do next year. In the meantime, go quilt!