Saturday, February 4, 2017

Stuff in the studio

Or should that be, "De-stuffing" the studio? The purge continues...

And I found that a local non-profit organization requests donations of art/textile/craft supplies--The Arc.

I gathered up the glitter, stamps, and all the other extraneous I'm-going-to-do-that-one-day stuff that I'm not going to use or make and I'm taking it to them. I had offered to the Girlfriends the opportunity to peruse the purge and take whatever they wanted, but I told them Friday evening that I was tired of looking at it and it was going buh-bye!

It does feel better to get rid of stuff that's been hanging around too long. It also helps that Jack is moving out of his portion of the studio and into new digs on the other side of the river. It's about the same amount of space, but it's filled with natural light and much closer to his home.

And while we had originally planned two weekends ago to finish the new table top for the sewing cabinet, we decided with the moving around of stuff it would be better to put it off, again, until this weekend. 😏

I had some good times with The Beast this past week, too. After some research I was able to successfully use the BSR for raw edge applique. I'll use it to quilt a small item soon. A funny thing happened recently; I was sewing along and a screw fell out onto the machine bed. I took the machine out of the recess and turned it on its side and I couldn't find any where the screw could have come from. I posted a message to the Bernina 7 Series Yahoo! group and the photo below; within a few moments I had the answer--it had come out of the foot, and this is apparently a common happening.

With all the sewing this week, it's brought to me another thought. That euphoria-high thing--you may have seen this meme that's made the rounds:

Word to your mother, kids.

I received a lovely surprise in the mail--these two books, signed and delivered by Thomas Knauer:

I volunteered to make a block for his "Smart is Beautiful" quilt he wanted for his daughter, Matilda. He assembled the blocks, quilted it and a photo of it is in his new coloring book. A few months ago he told us that the International Quilt Study Center wanted one for its permanent collection and he asked us to make another block for the new quilt, and I happily obliged. These books were my reward--and I got the better end of the deal! (Oh, and my block is on the third row, third block from the left, or, Block #11.)

I have spent a little bit of time looking at all the pretty on Instagram. I liked a photo posted by Cotton Cuts, and they contacted me about joining their version of a block of the month. Now that's someone who's working the social media thing to their benefit! I replied that I was working on 37 UFOs for this year and thank you, but no, thank you. I really do want to finish a lot this year.

One of my dearest besties, Melissa, has moved back home (YAY!) and we got together my last Monday off from work and had fun. One of our stops was the Stitchin' Post and I picked up a few pieces for the La Passacaglia quilt the Stitch & Bitch group will be making this year (and no doubt, next year, and the year after that, and so on...). More on that in another post.

And after finishing the blocks for the Stitch & Bitch Black and White swap, I'm now working on the Girl Gang DIY quilt. I've completed the raw edge applique (the reason for using the BSR this week) and putting the blocks together. I'm anxious to get this one finished; it's supposed to be our group project this year and I want to make sure it goes together the way I think it should!

So, nothing officially completed in January other than the black and white blocks, but progress has been made.

We've had a good dose of sunshine lately and it feels oh-so-good! I'll post a photo of the sewing table when it's finished--and this month I'm hoping for at least one or two finishes. In the meantime, go quilt!