Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The first half of 2017 -- POOF! ... and it's gone

So much going on and yet so little getting done.
The last six months have been a whirlwind of activity in our home. More sewing than quilting happened; but a lot of family stuff also happened.

Not in chronological order:

Jack, our oldest, married the lovely Sydney in June. They got married in their backyard, with their parents and siblings surrounding them. It was a quiet, simple ceremony, and dinner followed at one of their favorite restaurants.
With their dogs, Frankie Diamonds (seated) and Ohno Pierre (in Syd's arms)

The kids!

Our family

Sydney with her sister, niece and mom

With Sydney's nephew, Nicholas, and niece, Eleanor

The parents with the bride and groom

Sushi-palooza at Kemuri

We are beyond thrilled that Sydney is a member of our family; but actually, she's been a member of our family for several years--now it's official.

Of course, I'm making them a quilt.

The same weekend as the wedding, our middle son, Ross, moved back home from a 3-year stay in Atlanta. He and his girlfriend, Britta, are settling in. We now have all 3 of our boys here in the area and we love it!


I accumulated some major yardage of batik fabrics to make the Hubster some shirts. I had a plan over spring break to make 7 in 7 days. Yeah, that didn't happen. At this point I have 4 finished and 3 prepped and ready to sew. Here are 2 of the shirts:

Sydney, Jack's bride, asked me to make a vest to wear following the wedding ceremony. I happily obliged! The pattern is Butterick's See & Sew 6443, with modifications. The photo is awful because we were in a dimly lit area of the restaurant, but I think you can see it. It was very simple.

For the handmade Christmas last year, I made my sister a bunch of flags--I purchased a light set from Amazon with Edison-style LED bulbs, and made red, white and blue flags to go between each light. It was finally put into action last weekend and it turned out great. I'll be making 5 more flags (I apparently miscalculated how many were needed) and I'll post a tute on it when that happens.

And, I made the stole for my sister when she officiated a wedding for friends.


Only the memory pillow for my sister (from my last post) and the mug rug for the Hubster for Valentine's Day, both quilted on The Beast. I haven't touched my longarm in over 6 months, and that's too long. I hope to have a quilt on it this month.

Lots of family time in the last 6 months and the trip to D.C., and I'm very grateful for it! But I'm ready for some quilting.

Now, celebrate your independence--go quilt!