Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love Entwined

I was trolling through the blogs the other day and saw something that piqued my interest - Love Entwined, an 18-month BOM from Esther Aliu at Esther's Blog

WOW. I am amazed at the amount of work Esther has invested in recreating the pattern and it's a beauty. I am considering diving in although I already have an applique project started--I haven't touched the Trick or Treat quilt in two months, but that has more to do with it being summer and quilting on the longarm instead of sitting in the living room in my recliner hand stitching. Maybe I could make Trick or Treat my to-go project and work on Love Entwined at home...I love this colorway:

Isn't this fabulous? Here's another lovely background:

I'm on stay-cation next week and I'm thinking about pulling fabrics for it. If I do it I'll let you know what fabric choices I make, but I'm sure I'll wait a while before I dive in. My biggest issue is background fabric--I'm on a fabric diet this year and it requires 8 yards for the background alone. I may splurge, but I could do a scrappy background. 

The patterns are FREE but you must join Esther's Yahoo group to get them. The first two patterns have been released and they appear to be very thorough. Esther is from across the big pond and sometimes the measurements are metric instead of imperial, but if you can use a calculator, you can figure it out.

Will you become wrapped up in Love Entwined? If I do, you'll see a badge on this blog in the near future!

Happy quilting,