Monday, July 8, 2013

Another full circle and a little glimpse into the Story of Us

May is usually a happy month in our household--Mother's Day and my husband's birthday, and the end of the school year (the hubs is a school bus driver). But in the wee hours of the morning of his birthday in May, we received the news that the mother of our youngest sons, Ross and David, passed away. The kids are reeling from the shock and the hubs and I want to do everything we can to help them through this--she had been in poor health and my husband and I knew it wasn't a matter of if, but when; the kids still weren't prepared for it. She was 55. A couple of weeks following her passing, the kids gathered here with their mother's family to have a private gathering to remember her.

Fast forward to this past weekend. We had planned to celebrate our son Ross' birthday at my sister's home in Memphis in mid-June, but that turned out to be the weekend of Ross and David's mother's memorial service. We decided to postpone the birthday celebration until this past weekend. We wanted all of our kids to get together and relax, fish, and just generally bond with one another. I wanted to do something for the kids to help ease at least some of their grief.

Remember when I posted that I had started working again on the graduation quilts for my two youngest? Ross graduated in 2002; David in 2006. I just put the borders on Ross' quilt last year. David's quilt had gone MIA until I discovered it about three weeks ago while reorganizing the studio. Two weeks ago I loaded Ross' quilt into the longarm and spent over 20 hours quilting it. I put borders on David's quilt Saturday before last and spent about 15 hours quilting it. Kelsey, our stepdaughter, needed a quilt, too. 

I called Jack, our oldest, and asked him to bring his graduation quilt to the gathering. He's the only one of the kids that actually got his quilt on time. Ross and I have had a running joke for the last 11 years--Ross: "Is my quilt done yet?" Me: "I'm working on it!"

Saturday evening just before dinner, I gathered the kids and announced to the crowd about what a bad mommy I was for not getting all of their graduation quilts to them on time. Jack had his at the ready, and I presented Kelsey, Ross and David with theirs. The look of shock on their faces was priceless! 

But the best reward was when my boys squeezed the stuffing out of me after they saw their quilts.

From left to right: Jack, Kelsey, Ross and David
My heart is full. I pray the quilts give them comfort, and more importantly, that they always know when snuggling with them how very much they are loved.

I'll talk more about each of the quilts in future posts. We're home from our gathering, and the hubs asked me yesterday afternoon on the drive home, "What's next?" We'll see.

Happy quilting,

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