Monday, July 29, 2013

Stay-cation, Day 1

This week I'm on stay-cation, and my plan for most of the week is to quilt! I promised the hubs that we would spend at least one day together doing some fun stuff, but the bulk of the time will be spent in the Bottoms Up! Studio. 

Day 1 was spent finishing up Katie's Lasagna quilt--Katie is our daughter-in-law and she decided a couple of years ago that she wanted to make a quilt. My sister was hosting a craft weekend and she got caught up in the excitement of all the creativity, so Katie, Katrina and I set off to find the Memphis quilt shops and ended up at Klassy Katz in Bartlett. The Lasagna quilt (Atkinson Designs - Spring Cleaning) is probably the easiest quilt to make and I thought it would be a good gateway project for Katie. She picked out her fabrics (which, of course, I purchased--if she didn't like quilting I didn't want her to worry about the expense), and I showed her how to cut her pieces and operate my sewing machine, and she was off and running! At the end of the weekend, she asked me to keep the project at my house (she and her son lived nearby) and she would get over to finish it. 

She never came over to finish the quilt--they're young and they have things to do! They also moved to Memphis over a year ago. When we were at my sister's this month I asked her if she wanted me to finish it--and she said yes. She enjoyed the design and cutting (!), but the sewing part, not so much. I told her I would get the top finished, and she asked if she could quilt it on my longarm. Of course I said yes! So on Day 1 of Stay-cation, I completed her top:

I texted the photo to her and she's excited. She's going to figure out her quilting design and thread and will hopefully be here later in August to quilt it. Better pictures will be posted when it's quilted.

Oh, and Bin 3 -- it's now empty!

Day 2 will probably be our Date Day so I'm not anticipating getting much quilting done, but I'll try to squeeze some in--I want to get a lot done this week!

Happy quilting!