Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Goals

After the mad rush to complete Rodney's retirement quilt, I find myself in some down time while I ponder what I'll do next. I want need to do some general tidying and organizing in the Bottoms Up! Studio, and I want to find a UFO to finish. 

I spent a few minutes in the fabric cave where The Bins reside. The first one sticking out caught my eye. I opened it up and there was the Christmas half log cabin I pieced in 2007 (I think). 
 Can you tell I like low contrast quilts?

The top is pieced and needs borders. I should be able to complete it this month if I can steady my nerves enough to miter the borders. Yes, I've been quilting for over 20 years and have NEVER mitered any borders. 
Border fabrics...maybe
I will start a NewFO this month but don't know yet what it will be. As much as I like the current Leaders and Enders project, Lozenges, I can't seem to get worked up about going through my scrap heap for it. Instead, I will probably cull from my yardage. It is not in my makeup to cut down scraps to usable strips because I applique, and that stops me dead in my tracks. I'll continue to hoard my scraps and use them for something else and come up with another game plan for my own Leaders and Enders project.

I must stay in touch with my longarm (who needs a name) so she doesn't feel neglected and I don't have to reintroduce myself every time I meet her! I'm cleaning her up and getting her ready for LeiLani to use her to quilt some baby quilts, but I'll need to spend some quality time with her as well.

So, I'm actually going to set some goals for this month since I have no deadlines until June; I make more progress when I have deadlines.
  • Finish the baby bullseye quilt top - rows need to be pieced and add borders
  • Finish the Christmas half log cabin UFO top - add two mitered borders 
  • Quilt one quilt (!), I have a stack waiting...
    Just one of the stacks of flimsies
  • and complete 10 Trick or Treat blocks.
And to keep me on track, I'm linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes at Fiber of All SortsI'm not going to have nearly the amount of time I had last month to quilt, so it will be interesting to see how much I can accomplish.

Go quilt!