Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 Progress Report

Great quilting weekends, an ice day and vacation contributed to lots of progress this month! Let's get on with it:

Rodney's Retirement Quilt is finally finished! The pattern is Three Tours from Fons & Porter, but I resized the quilt using 8" blocks and lengthened it a bit. The finished size is 55" x 70".

Swiss Mocha - Finally Finished - started in 2005! What I learned on this one--I cannot wait 2-1/2 months to get on the longarm. I quickly get rusty. And I overthink things. And I tend to like things densely quilted. This quilt did not need a dense design, but it got it. Finished size is 67" x 76".

In progress:
Trick or Treat - I am still enjoying the back basting method for applique! This month I completed 9 blocks--I would have completed more if not for the stitching down the bindings on the retirement and Swiss Mocha quilts.

Baby bullseye quilt for a grand nephew - the blocks are pieced and being joined into rows:

No NewFO this month. I was going to start the Leaders and Enders Lozenges project at Quiltville, but was so focused on completing the two quilts and working on the baby quilt that I ran out of time. Perhaps I'll start Lozenges in April. I also want to choose a UFO to complete now that Swiss Mocha is done.

Shopping in my Stash: I bought 4 yards of fabric this month for borders and backing on the baby bullseye quilt, and used 1 yard for binding, so I'm -1 for the year which means I'm not doing so hot. No worries; I have plans for using it.

How was your March? Here's hoping you have beautiful spring weather for April and get to quilt!

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