Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sometimes you have to wait on your bliss

Today is my birthday! But instead of a peaceful, easy feeling, this morning was more like "What fresh hell is this?" <vbg>

The hubster decided to take the day off to make me what I wanted for lunch (he's such a sweetheart about that, as well as many other things). He was in my office yesterday and when my boss heard him mentioning that he was taking off today, he suggested I do the same. I reminded him that I was out of the office Monday and didn't think I should take off today--he said do it, so I did.

The tree (this is an old photo)
Our next door neighbors, Bert and Sally, are doing some landscaping in their yards. They're removing a few trees today, and one of them hangs over our property; another straddles the property line. The tree guy knocked on our door yesterday evening and told us it would be a lot easier for him to get to Bert and Sally's trees if he could get rid of a tree in our front yard. He offered us a sweet deal and we decided we needed to do it. I'm not a tree killer, but this one sort of looks like a sore thumb in front of the house and makes the front bed so shady that very little can grow in it.

And so it begins...
So Wednesday morning arrives--my Girlfriend Melissa had stayed overnight with us and we were all sitting in the living room drinking our coffee and having an enjoyable visit. The tree peeps arrived right about the time the hubster needed to leave for a doctor's appointment. He's had issues with a knee and finally decided to have the doc look at it.

Melissa and I continue our conversation before she heads home to northern Louisiana. The tree gets cut down, and the guys are doing a great job on it. I will miss the shade from that tree a bit.

Then I get a text from my credit union.

Do you know what today is? Yes, April 16. Do you know what yesterday was? April 15--Tax Day. We had to pay this year. And I always use TurboTax and I e-filed on Sunday and asked that the funds be taken out of our account on the 15th.

They hit the wrong account.

I spent over an hour on the phone (guess I'm just lucky) with the credit union, then two different people at the IRS, trying to straighten out the matter.

In the meantime, I get a text from the hubster--he's headed to the hospital for an x-ray on his knee.


So this afternoon, we had a late lunch at The Root, where the lovely Hannah gave me a birthday muffin (thanks, Hannah!), then went over to the IRS and handed them a check (and met the loveliest person who assisted us). We then went to my favorite ice cream place, Loblolly Creamery. I had buttermilk berry crumble with hot fudge sauce. Fabulous.

The bliss started kicking in!

We went home and I got into the studio and pieced a backing for the Christmas half log cabin and started the backing for the baby bullseye. A good afternoon. The hubster will fix the special lunch later in the week, and it's all good.

By the way, I attached the mitered border to the Christmas half log cabin quilt last weekend, but more on that in another post.

We're getting ready for more company this weekend to celebrate my birthday and Easter.

Here's hoping you find some bliss this week!

Go quilt!