Friday, August 8, 2014

Holy cow, what happened to July?

I mean, it has 31 days, right? Well, I'll tell you: two grandkids, two trips out of town, and more company. AND it's HOT and STICKY! The good news is that we'll have air conditioning next week (she says prayerfully).

I met none of my goals. Here were my goals for July, and what was accomplished:

Goal 1 - Bind the baby bullseye quilt, wash it and send it off to Lane and his mommy and daddy, and get a photo of him on it! - Result: Um, no.

Goal 2 - Finish "United we Stand". - Result: Completed the top, with lots of help from the hubster and our granddaughter!

Goal 3 - Complete 4 Trick or Treat blocks. - Result: ONE.

Goal 4 - Get half of the customer quilt quilted. - Result: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nothing.

It wasn't meant to be. I am not beating myself up over it; it is what it is! This week I completed United We Stand and you'll see a blog post about it moments after I post this one. 

So now that we're into the second week of August and school starts in just over a week, I hope to have a teensy bit of progress to report by the end of the month. And I'm not even going to tempt fate by talking about goals, and no link-ups!

Go quilt!