Friday, August 29, 2014

August 2014 Progress

For thinking I wouldn't get anywhere this month and not setting goals, August was GREAT! Let's get on with it:

First finish was Long May it Wave, a retirement quilt for my friend Cindy:

Second finish was the baby bullseye quilt for our grandnephew Lane, but I have no photos. I've been waiting on them for almost two weeks, but it's my own fault for not taking any before I shipped the quilt to him. Hopefully I'll get the photos from his aunt soon.

Third finish was Peace on Earth, a quilt for our home:
I have other posts ready about Lane's quilt and Peace on Earth, but I need the photos first! I also have a post about the making of Long May it Wave, and I need to update the Finally Finished page for 2014.

Speaking of photos, the hubster bought me a new charger cord for my cheapie little Samsung camera, so now I'll start taking photos with it again instead of my phone.

Now, for September: I'm wary of making goals for next month since I'm starting the customer quilt next week, and plan to work only on it until it's completed. But I may take little breaks from it every now and then, so who knows? And I'll squeeze in some hand work during my lunch time.

I also may work on some not-a-large-quilt projects the rest of the year. I'll attempt to make some dish holders for my expanding Christmas plate collection, and I'm wanting to make a couple of bags. And I have to make a decision regarding buying or making Christmas presents. A couple of years ago I made each of our kids and their significant others some flannel pajamas. But I may not have time, so...

Here's hoping I see you in September! Go quilt! And Happy Labor Day!

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