Friday, August 8, 2014

United we Stand is Finally Finished!

Cindy on the left; me on the right
...and is now named, "Long May it Wave"! It was gifted to my dear friend Cindy who retired today from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas, after more than 28 years of faithful and dedicated service. She and I were pseudo-liaisons between our two offices and our relationship evolved over the years into friendship! I'm so happy for her I could bust, but I know I'll be picking up the phone or sending an email next week saying, "Can you fix this?"

The best way I can describe Cindy is that she is a quilting, genealogy, photography and scrapbooking enthusiast! She hasn't been quilting a very long time, but I think I talked about it so much that she took the plunge back when I was a co-owner of a quilt shop and she took off! She has a lot of quilt tops made by her grandmother that she is quilting on her Bernina 820, and finds time to make lots of other neat stuff! 

She has lots of plans to go and do--and I hope I get to go along on some of those adventures! We went to a workshop with Mary Lou Weidman in Tulsa two years ago and had a great time. We talked at lunch Thursday about going to a quilting B&B to take a workshop maybe early next year. She already has plans for the weekend, but she may be doing a purge in her studio next week (unless something else tickles her fancy). She's a stasher like me (I don't like the word "hoarder") and she wants to reorganize. And maybe she'll just quilt next week.

Here are a couple more photos:
Cindy on the left, my boss on the right

Back in Cindy's office (so I could show her all the stuff I did wrong!)
But my favorite photo is this one, taken by my boss:

I'll do a more in-depth post on the making of the quilt later with better photos, but today it's all about Cindy! She told me at lunch Thursday, "When are you going to post something new on that blog?" I just smiled and told her I would by the end of this week. Cindy, this one is for you!

Cindy also blogs! Check it out - A Little Bit.

Go quilt!