Monday, January 18, 2016

Musings and passings...

I had hoped that this post would have been the "Finally Finished" reveal of Pinetree Village, but it's still on the frame.
It's been a weird week. I was in the I-want-to-hibernate-I-don't-want-to-go-to-work phase of the year, but the necessity of a paycheck wins over staying under the covers, every time.
I was off from work last Monday and spent most of the day in the studio, ignoring that ugly pile of year-end paperwork that desperately needs attending to--another day. It was also that morning we learned of David Bowie's passing. My oldest was working in his portion of the studio and streaming Bowie's music all day. I'm sad for his passing, but I'm grateful for his musical talent that will live on. RIP, Ziggy...
Today I was off from work again and after tackling the year-end paperwork yesterday, I rewarded myself with a day in the studio. I'm back in the Girl Gang (YAY!) and our annual retreat is next month. We're making a quilt and I'm doing my part by making 10 blocks for it. I cut the fabrics last Monday and made the blocks today.

My worktable today
First block
It's my first time back to the retreat in three years, and I'm counting the days. Working on those blocks today really was good for me; the euphoria was such that I'd really like to call in sick tomorrow, but that's not happening...

And here's some random musings for you:
  • Read on a blog: "Have you gotten used to writing 2016 on your checks?" No, because I don't write checks anymore! (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
  • Hibernation: I finally figured out that instead of taking off 2 weeks at Christmas, I should take off 2-3 weeks in January so I can do that hibernation thing.
  • Have you heard there was a hurricane in the Atlantic? Hurricane Alex, first recorded hurricane in January since 1938.
  • It's finally hit me that I haven't been keeping up with what's happening in the quilting world so much as far as new products, fabric lines, etc. But what I have read this week is the latest diatribes on men and quilting. This topic rears it's head every once in a while and here it is again...
  • And I need to follow my own advice. I have gone back to spending time in the studio only on the weekends, and I need to go back to weeknight time in the studio; I'll get more done.
And passings...first David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, and just a couple of hours ago, Glenn Frey. Oh, how I loved Glenn Frey. I saw the Eagles back in 1977 when they came to Little Rock; one of the best concerts ever. I couldn't afford the tickets to see them when they reunited, but it's just as well...
That's it for now. Go quilt!