Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - What's to come?

A new year, a fresh start...what can we do?

I had already started drafting this post when I started thinking last night after posting my wrap-up. I had started the list of UFOs I wanted to complete, etc., etc...and then I thought, STOP! The buzz kill was looming over me again. So, plans have changed, and this is what they are for 2016:


Spend more quality time with my family (we had a lot more of it in 2015 and it was wonderful).


Spend more time with my friends (also lovely).


Maybe throw in some exercise.


A little bit of travel.


Some home dec and garment sewing.


The first two days of the new year indicate that I am off to a great start with my new plan. On the 31st (almost the first), we got the great news that the Hubster doesn't have to return to his surgeon for 6 months! The local kids and significant others came over for black-eyed peas and hog jowl on the 1st, and I got to return to Girl Gang on the 2nd!

Everything is subject to change. I'll update when things happen and quilts are completed (and when a few are started, too), and share some other stuff.

Go quilt!

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