Monday, January 2, 2017

2016: That's a Wrap

Considering my first finish of a quilt was on September 1, I didn't think I'd have much to show here.

But that first week in September finally brought to me the surge I needed to get moving. We had a taste of slightly cooler weather a week earlier and it lit a fire under my...well, you know.

Making for Christmas had a part in lighting that fire. Sure, I could have started earlier in the year, but who does that? (Actually, I did that last year.)

I admittedly flew by the seat of my pants when it came to my quilting, and I realize it's due in part to the lack of serious planning for what I wanted to accomplish. This past year was more about being receptive to whatever came my way. While I was constantly working on something, I have a surprising lack of completed projects to show for my efforts. Add into the mix all of the sweatshop work for our oldest with his business which took a serious chunk of time (but I would willingly do it again and I'm still making bags for him). I had an illness that started the first week in November and I didn't fully recover from until mid-December, only to relapse on December 30. lack of photos (and completed projects) can also be attributed to living in the moment this past year. I am not a Millennial and don't constantly think of taking a selfie or photo whenever I'm in the middle of doing anything. I even forgot to snap photos of some projects when they were completed and had to rely on the giftees to provide the photos!

And that leads to the other thing about this year--while for many it clearly sucked, for me it was more about frustration--again, a direct result from my failure to PLAN. While living in the moment can bring great joy, the frustration levels I experienced sometimes outweighed the glee.

I spent a lot of time working in full-blown, gloriously bright colors. I am missing my mud, and will be working in it again in 2017 (because, after all, I have plenty of UFOs in my mud...).

The completed projects:

Quilting -

Betty's Retirement Quilt

French Rose (a baby quilt for Jaydin)

Now and Later for Holly

Peppermint Patty mug rug for a friend (and another reminder of how much I dislike paper piecing). Pattern is a free download at Alida (TweLoQ) Designs (but isn't it adorable??)

And while I was creating the collage at the top of the post, I was reminded of the Valentine's Day mug rug I made for the Hubster (my design)

Sewing - lighted flag bunting for Steph - but you won't see it until July (sorry!).

Toiletry bags for Hubster's co-workers; pattern is available at Quilter's Warehouse and are so much fun to make!

The surprise of the year was my return to knitting after swearing it off almost 30 years ago. I learned how to knit over 50 years ago and loved it, but for some reason I started having problems with cramping in my hands when I was in my 30s and had to give it up. This past year I started seeing beautiful hand-dyed yarns and thought, How gorgeous! Then I remembered one small, minor detail...I'm allergic to wool. I sought out non-wool fibers, but broke down and bought some wool and ... I lived to tell about it! 😄 My hands are pretty rough, but there's no turning back now.

A hat for Syd - pattern is Pup Tent, a free download at Ravelry
Photo by Jack
A hat for Emma - pattern is Knit Night Hat, a free download at Ravelry
Photos by David

A hat for Britta - also the Knit Night Hat pattern
Photo taken by Ross
Not shown: approximately 150 dust bags for Dower

And the biggie for the year--my new Bernina--The Beast. You'll see in the photo below why I gave her that name:

See what I mean? I'm so excited to get to know her.

So, I am making my plans for 2017. I'll tell you my ideas in a post coming soon; but for now, go quilt--and Happy New Year!