Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Plan and Word of the Year: MAKE

I'm declaring 2017 the Year of Selfish Sewing.
Graphic credit: Imagine Gnats http://imaginegnats.com/selfish-sewing-week/

After all the making for everyone last year and the purchase of The Beast, I want to do some sewing for myself this year.

I have a renewed interest in garment construction. I've made a few shirts for the Hubster and have fabrics for several more. I've enrolled in some Craftsy sewing and serger classes and am excited to put into motion what I've learned.

I'm still a quilter! And I'm still on the mission of finishing up the cache of UFOs patiently waiting in The Bins for their turn, and I want to make a serious dent in my fabric stash, which means starting some new quilts!

Speaking of The Beast, I'll be taking classes at the dealer's shop to learn about her many features. She came with an embroidery module and I have ideas for garment embellishment and yes, gifts. (I won't be entirely selfish!)
First test stitch-out on new embroidery module
And knitting! I have a few small skeins of yarn that were not used in the gift-making last year and I'll think of a way to use them this year. I thoroughly enjoyed my return to knitting and plan to keep it up. I learned to knit when I was 7 years old, but one thing I've never done is make socks or gloves, so that might happen. The ultimate goal for my knitting is to not accumulate a yarn stash!

And if you know me, everything is subject to change! I reviewed my spreadsheet of UFOs the other day. I have a column where I enter the date when I would like to complete each project. Apparently I want to finish 33 projects this year. Hmmm...more adjustments necessary.

On a personal note, I also plan to increase my physical activity. Last March my doctor told me I had to either start dieting and exercising, or add additional medication to my menu. I chose the diet and exercise. I lost 23 pounds last year, but that's only about a quarter of what I want to lose. Our diet has changed dramatically over the last year--for the better--and the exercise is clearly helping. I fell off the rails during the holidays, but I'm back on the wagon.

I hope to complete the following--


Plaids, Flowers and Flannels 1

Girl Gang DIY quilt

Shimmering Triangles


Broken Crayons


Pinetree Village


Endless Summer

Bedroom decor items

At least 6 batik shirts for the Hubster

A jacket for me

Santa Claus suit for Hubster

KNITTING: That's a secret!

There's more, but I'll clue you in on those later.

I believe my actions in 2016 helped guide me to be more focused on finishing projects. The only items I started last year that did not get completed were Broken Crayons and the Girl Gang DIY quilt. I want to finish them and move on to finishing others.  I have been thinking a lot about whittling down the amount of STUFF that has been taking over not only the Bottoms Up! Studio, but also the entire house. I am trying my best to seriously consider each and every purchase with the mindset of its placement and purpose in our home.

This week I'm working on a realistic (hopefully) schedule to accomplish all of the above. If I accomplish everything I want to do this year, you will see a lot more posts here!

In the meantime, go MAKE!

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