Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Goals

Ah...June. Summer. Heat. Humidity. All that.

I'm struggling with the goal-setting this month after last month's failure to meet the goals I set for myself for May. While mindful of impending deadlines, I spent the warmer and muggier parts of May going down that rabbit hole that is Pinterest. And the Blogger's Quilt Festival. And other quilting blogs in general.

So here we are at the first of June and instead of quilting, I'm going antiquing with Katrina this afternoon. I hope to carve out most of next weekend in the Bottoms Up! Studio and get some stuff done. Here are the goals for June:

Goal 1 - Piece the backing and quilt the baby bullseye quilt. The baby is due in early July and my luck, he'll decide he wants to get here sooner rather than later!

Goal 2 - Get half of the United We Stand quilt done; i.e., half of the circles stuck on it. And that's a bunch.

Goal 3 - Finish the half log cabin Christmas quilt which is still languishing on the longarm frame and is asking me how I'm going to quilt that border.

Goal 4 - Trick or Treat - complete 5 blocks.

While I'm not saying I'll start a NewFO this month, it could always happen.

Other non-quilting related goals are keeping the paper tiger that is our desk upstairs organized (I have been working on it), and getting the mud room straightened up. This summer I'm hoping to move some heavy things around in the studio with the help of our boys, and get the hubster's work area in the basement completely organized so everyone knows where everything is and can find it, instead of running out to Lowe's to purchase the 7th wrench because we can't Nos. 1 through 6.

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I hope you're staying cool and dry this month--go quilt!