Monday, July 7, 2014

July Goals

The year is half over and I am no where near where I wanted to be with my quilting goals, but I'm not surprised. I tend to be a bit "SQUIRREL!" when it comes to family life until I've had so much of it I retreat to the Bottoms Up! Studio. This past week was no exception. We went to Memphis on Thursday to prepare for my sister's annual fireworks celebration and cookout. The hubster and I cooked for 3 days. On Sunday, we picked up our step-granddaughters in Nashville and brought them home today for 2 weeks of fun.

More about the fireworks--my sister and her friend and neighbor, Ben, decided last year to have some fun with fireworks. It was great--we had a good time and that was when I gave Kelsey, Ross and David their quilts--but almost as soon as it was over last year, they started talking about what they could do this year. And so it came to pass that this year's event was one of the most spectacular display of fireworks I have seen in my life, all at my sister's half-acre pond:
Over 100 people attended; people came and watched from their cars along the side of the road or pulled in to my sister's yard or Ben's yard and brought out their chairs. The hubster and I were exhausted on the front porch of the house during the show. We're already planning next year's menu.

I think if they continue this each year it will become legendary. I had heard that they had spent over $10,000 on the fireworks, but Ben later said $25,000. People, I guess if you never have kids you can spend your money on whatever you want! 

Now, as far as goals for July go, I'm not setting many due to all the company we're having this month:

Goal 1 - Bind the baby bullseye quilt, wash it and send it off to Lane and his mommy and daddy, and get a photo of him on it!

Goal 2 - Finish "United we Stand". The deadline is rapidly approaching and I'm appalled at how I did nothing on it in June.

Goal 3 - Complete 4 Trick or Treat blocks. Honestly, as much time as I'm taking off this month, this should not be a problem...

Goal 4 - Get half of the customer quilt quilted. Why not all of it? That would be preferable, but this is a queen-sized pineapple quilt. The blocks finish at 12" and the pineapple logs finish at 3/4" each--she wants hanging diamonds and that's a LOT of ruler work, so it will take a good chunk of time, and I'll be ecstatic if I get half of it done by July 31.

Hope you have a great July, no matter what you plan!

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