Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

The customer quilt is DONE and has left the building! I'm waiting for a photo of the completed quilt from my customer when she has attached the binding, and will post more photos. But oh, what a relief it is to have that thing done!

So now that things are getting back to quasi-normal, I'm going to attempt to get my house back to quasi-normal. I didn't clean a bit all of October and, in case you haven't heard, the holidays are coming! We didn't decorate for Halloween, and I was feeling a bit blue about it. Next year.

We took a quick trip to hubster's hometown in Texas weekend before last and visited with most of his siblings and their kids. We finally got to meet our new grandnephew, Lane--what a sweetheart! And I had a photo, but my phone has escaped from me...

I haven't sewn a stitch in almost two weeks. And that's ok.

And with the holidays approaching, our family starts talking about the big feasts. About a month ago all of the kids and significant others were with us for a family dinner where I served short ribs. Youngest son, David, started talking about what he wants for his birthday dinner (December 23!). I cut him off and asked about requests for Thanksgiving. Ross said, "short ribs and turkey"--the rest all chimed in, "Yes!" I asked if they were sure they wanted short ribs and thought it was just because it was right in front of them. "Don't you want ham?" "No, short ribs and turkey!" Ok...

And I'm rambling on because I feel a bit lost. The hubster changed positions at work and is now working evenings. I miss him! Will is here but he squirrels away in his room. It was ok during September and October--I went downstairs to work on the customer quilt every night. Now that it's done, I'm a bit at loose ends. Usually I'm so whipped by the time I get home from work now that I don't have the energy to do anything, but hopefully that will improve once we get past a few hurdles. One hurdle is that I'm still doing the jobs of three people and it's catching up with me. We're in the interview stage for one of those positions which means we won't have someone new taking over that job until January at the earliest. Second hurdle is a trial we're prepping for that's set for the first week in December.

I just want to relax. And clean. And decorate. I may be flying under the radar...again...because I may not have anything to show you for awhile. I already told the hubster that I probably won't quilt anything else this year. If I do, great; if not, I won't lose sleep over it. This has been one of the most chaotic years we've experienced and I need some vegetation time to recharge, and think about what I want to do next year.

I'm going to leave you with links to some recipes we traditionally prepare for Thanksgiving, and a link to the short ribs recipe I used a few weeks ago. I'm telling you--don't skip any steps. I highly recommend cooking them a day ahead. They were fabulous.

Other must haves:
Romi's Holiday Cranberry Salad (my late mother-in-law's recipe)

I'll share more recipes soon. Go quilt--and eat!

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