Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas is coming...

Are you ready?

Slowly but surely, we're getting ready for it around here. Last weekend the tree and decorations were pulled out of the basement and dragged upstairs (thanks, Ross!). Hubster put up the tree and plugged it in, and at least one-third of the lights were out. The tree is about 6 years old. We went out that night and purchased a string of 50 lights because Hubster thought he could replace the ones that were out. After lots of words that I don't employ on this blog, we decided that we'd leave the lights as they were and we'll restring it next year with LED lights.

I finally finished decorating the tree Thursday night. I got into trouble last year when our oldest, Jack, complained that I didn't put the old family ornaments on the tree. So instead of going for just bling, I tried to do the balancing act and apply a liberal dose of tradition and glitz.

It was a bit weird this year...since Hubster is working full time in the evenings, he wasn't sitting in his recliner, sipping on a glass of wine, and trying to tell me where to hang things on the tree. I actually missed it.

I loved reminiscing about the ornaments. Here are a few:
Tonka Toy ornament of Jack's
School bus, of course, for the Hubster
An ornament from Jack's first Christmas
The bird is from the Hubster's grandmother
I love snowmen
A salt dough ornament from about 15 years ago,
and a gumball machine from about 30 years ago
The angel is from about 30 years ago
More bling
This Christmas season is rushing by and we finished up our shopping Saturday. Our middle son, Ross, is moving back to Atlanta this coming week, so we're having a going-away dinner for him tonight. We're making the braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, Romi's green beans, sauteed kale and rolls, with lemonade cake for dessert. All our kids will be here, and we love that. We started cooking this Saturday morning...

The browned short ribs, ready for braising

The pearl onions ready for roasting
Making the lemonade cake
Then it was off to my cousin Millie's dance recital. She's not quite 4...but she's the best in her class! The girls were so adorable!
Bad photo, but we were in the WAAAAAY back
After the recital we were off to finish up our Christmas shopping. I should have taken a photo of the Hubster--I can't tell you how many people came up to him and said, "Santa!" While in Kroger yesterday, we were walking out while a young man and his little girl were walking in. He paused, smiled at Hubster, and leaned down to say to his daughter, "Santa just walked right past you!" She gasped and looked, but Hubster did not hear any of it. I told him he needed to turn around and wave at her. One of Hubster's co-workers took a photo of him recently and when he asked why, his co-worker told him that he told his granddaughter that he works with Santa, and he took the photo to prove it! Here's a photo of him from last Christmas. The beard is much longer now and needs some serious trimming.

After we finished Christmas shopping, we came back home, opened a bottle of wine and started cooking dinner. Hubster made Crazy Spicy Chicken with Drunken Noodles (and I helped!)...
Dredging the chicken
Chopping the broccoli
Great meal; great day! Today I'm trying to finish the decorating before the kids arrive for dinner tonight. And no, I haven't quilted in over a month except for my Trick or Treat project that goes with me to the doctors' offices. I am hopeful that I'll be back in the Bottoms Up! Studio by next weekend, but that will depend on all the variables that happen during the week. Will has his Christmas concert tomorrow night and semester exams all week.

I don't know if I'll be back here before Christmas, but I will have an end of the year wrap-up. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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