Monday, June 1, 2015

June 2015 Goals: Not so much

SUMMERTIME! Which usually means it's already hot around here, but it's been blissfully cooler than normal. And very wet!

What's on tap? For starters, the National Quilting Association show is HERE in Little Rock for the next 3 years. This year's show is June 18-20 at the Statehouse Convention Center and I'm looking forward to it. I may take a couple of longarm classes. I'm looking forward to seeing some beautiful quilts and maybe pick up a few pieces of fabric.

We usually have a lot of company during the summer and we don't know yet if we'll have our granddaughters this year. We are deep in the planning process for the Independence Day celebration at my sister's and, again, we're in charge of the food. My sister and I have a board on Pinterest and we've been pinning a lot of food and decoration ideas and we'll see what ends up on the table and the veranda.

Goals: They're pretty much non-existent for the month (and most likely July, too). The studio is in shambles at this moment because we're moving around everything so our oldest son can take over a portion of it. I'm probably spending my weekends helping the Hubster with the master bathroom reno, so if any quilting happens it's a bonus, and it will be on the secret project.

I'm not linking up with anyone! If any quilting happens, I'll post about it.

Go quilt!