Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pets on Quilts 2016

I know, I know--I said earlier this year that there would be no link-ups...but come on, Pets on Quilts? How can anyone resist that?

All of our dogs had left the building over a year ago, but we now have 4 granddogs (and we still foster 3 cats).

This is our granddog, Popeye, owned by our youngest, David, and his girlfriend, Emma. He is snuggling with the quilt I made in celebration of David's high school graduation.

Popeye was a mess when he was rescued. He was heartworm positive and missing an eye (hence, the name). But the shelter cleaned him up and treated him for his heartworms. When David and Emma were searching a dog, Emma had said, "He is just so chill." What better reason do you need?

Emma had decided that HE WAS THEIR DOG and began working through the adoption paperwork at the animal shelter. While she was completing the forms, a shelter employee brought him out on a leash and was walking toward the door. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH MY DOG?" cried Emma. As luck would have it, Popeye was being featured the next morning as the Pet of the Week on one of our local channel's Saturday morning news shows. Popeye had his 15 minutes of fame and warmed the hearts of all the viewers, but they did state he was already spoken for. Emma and David brought him home a few days later.

Rescued dogs are THE BEST.

I love this quilt and I love Popeye.

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Go quilt!

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