Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pets on Quilts 2017

I love looking at the entries when Lilypad Quilting has her Pets on Quilts show every year, and since I made the pillow for my sister when Tyler passed away a few months ago, I decided to enter it into this year's show.

I recently blogged about this project and so I won't repeat the process, but if you'd like to see all of the photos from the making, please click here.

Tyler was my sister's sweet black lab mix pound puppy. He was such a lover! Always had a woobie and had a special way of tugging your heartstrings by resting his snout on your knee and giving you the googly eyes. I miss him.

If you're joining me through the Pets on Quilts 2017 linkup, thanks for stopping by!

Pets on Quilts 2017

Go quilt!