Thursday, October 25, 2018

Remember me?

It's been a while. Lots of stuff happening, and I'll start with early July...

In July, Cindy and I slipped away for a reconnaissance mission to Missouri Star Quilt Company. It was the first visit for each of us. We both had plans for what we needed.

Missouri Star is approximately 400 miles from my home. We headed out on a Thursday morning. Springfield, Missouri is the halfway point and we stopped at Quilt Sampler. I bought a foot for my Bernina, Cindy got the cutest vintage-style Santa quilt kit.

We arrived at our hotel in Cameron which is about 10 miles from Hamilton. We turned in early for a good night's sleep before hitting the bricks on Friday.

Friday morning we arrived just as the stores opened. Yes, plural--stores. There are 14 stores in all associated with the company. This business has led the rebirth of this town, which also is the boyhood home of J. C. Penney; his home is smack dab in the middle of Main Street, across from the main Missouri Star Mercantile store.

I recommend pacing yourself if you ever get to shop there. We planned to shop for 2 full days. It took us only a day to make it through all the shops. We went back the next day to make sure we didn’t miss anything!

I had way too much fun. I haven’t bought a single piece of fabric since that trip, and the only sewing I’ve done in months was for the wedding. Speaking of...

David and the lovely Emma got married on Saturday! It was a beautiful and sweet wedding on Petit Jean Mountain.

Emma went through my scraps during the summer and asked me to make napkins for the wedding brunch:

My sister baked and decorated the cakes and cupcakes. Dave loves Legos and Star Wars; the groom’s cake had a Lego bride and groom and the cupcakes had LEGO Star Wars characters on each top.

The Hubs and my sister built 4 benches for seating and the wedding arbor. We’ve donated 3 of the benches to Camp Mitchell and the 4th one will come back to Dave and Emma’s backyard. The arbor came home to them, too. More photos in a later post.

And yes, I am a student. I have As in both classes and am registered for 2 classes for next semester. I am really looking forward to the winter break!

And, renovation is happening in the house. It’s slow, but getting there. Photos soon.

I’m tired.

Go sew!

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