Sunday, January 12, 2014

Aaaaaahhhhh...that's better.

I spent some quality time in the Bottoms Up! Studio this weekend. I've been itching to start something new; it's been way too long since I started something (besides last year's Love Endures). I mentioned in a previous post the need to start on a retirement quilt, and that's what I did this weekend. I know I've mentioned I'm a process person and if I'm not using a purchased pattern, I like to plan everything out, down to what and how I'm going to cut and how much, and a lot of the joy in my quilting comes from all of that. I found a photo of this quilt and couldn't find out any information regarding a pattern for sale, so I drafted it in EQ7.

I'm using my Accuquilt Studio to do the cutting - it's so fabulous; cutting is the one thing I dread with quiltmaking because of my carpal tunnel syndrome. When I purchased the Studio it gave me license to think about doing quilts with many, many pieces again!
Shopping in my reds...
The retirement quilt - it's for a co-worker with whom I've worked for 19 years, but I've known him longer. We work for the federal government and he also served in the armed forces, so patriotic is the way to go and I think he'll like it. He has always appreciated my quilting and this will be a small gesture to thank him for his service to our agency and our country.

So today I cut the long stripes for the quilt. I'll cut the squares and half-square triangles this week, but I'm also waiting on two dies I've ordered--one from Accuquilt and one I purchased on eBay--to cut the quarter-square triangles.

While I pulled fabric for this project, I also pulled fabric for my third Blooming Nine Patch. I typically don't make the same quilt twice, but something about the Blooming Nine Patch always brings me back to it--I love it. It's always amazing to me that a simple nine patch and alternating square block can create such a dynamic design. The first one I made was full of bright fabrics and is now owned by my sister; the second was made in reproduction fabrics and is awaiting its turn on the longarm. It will go on our bed. This one will be just for fun, and I'll show the fabrics in another post.

I've also joined a Stashbusters group where each member has set a goal to use up a certain amount of their fabric stash. I've committed to using 36 yards (averaging 3 per month) which should be fairly easy to attain--provided I don't buy too much this year. I bought so little last year--about 5 yards--but I know this year won't be that light. I've already ordered 5 yards to make a One Block Wonder, but I have no plans to purchase more soon, unless it's for the other secret project I haven't started.

This weekend in the studio was just what the doctor ordered. I'd love a full week, but that won't be happening until this summer. I'll spend a couple of evenings in the studio this week and hopefully at least one full day next weekend.

What are you working on?