Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another staycation and first finish of 2014!

Several months ago when the school year started I decided I would take off the entire week of Spring Break. We had no plans to go anywhere; my #1 goal was to finish Rodney's retirement quilt. On Monday I finished hand stitching the binding, and tacked down the sleeve on Tuesday. I'll show it to you after I give it to him on Monday.

Some paperwork also got organized--a very good thing. I have a plan to keep the paper tiger tamed. The hubster and I are having The Talk soon and it feels good to have the hard part done.

When I'm home I start thinking about all the things I need to do, and things I probably shouldn't do. I made a list of some things that need to be done and then started thinking about how I'd like to rearrange the Bottoms Up! Studio. I have some ideas that we will revisit down the road.

AND Swiss Mocha is finally finished! 

Some detail shots:

I used Mettler 50 wt. cotton thread in color 511 on the top and bottom for the coffee bean quilting, and Aurifil 50 wt. in a cream color in the center of each block. This thing is densely quilted and took much longer to quilt than I intended. The batting is Nature's Touch by Pellon, 100% cotton, and I really like it.

The hubster asked me last night who was getting the quilt. I had honestly thought all along with this one that it would hang around the living room, either on the wall or draped over the sofa. But a comment he made a week or so ago got me thinking otherwise, so I told him, "It's yours!" 

I spent some time this afternoon working on the baby bullseye quilt; our youngest, David, came over with Emma and while David and his dad worked on the car, Emma helped me arrange the blocks--lots of fun! 

It's been a wonderful week--I have some errands to run tomorrow but hope to spend some more time in the studio before heading back to work on Monday. I'll have a progress report for March either Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

Go quilt!