Monday, March 31, 2014

Rodney's Retirement Quilt - the reveal!

Rodney's retirement quilt is completed and gifted to the honoree! I have to confess that this is the fastest quilt I have ever completed--nothing like a deadline to light a fire under your butt (for me, anyway). It only took me 2 hours to quilt it. I had quilted Swiss Mocha so densely that for this quilt I wanted only a loose meander. Just your basic loops, swirls and stars. It took me longer to stitch down the binding than it did for me to quilt it. 

I couldn't believe the hubster when he said, "You could have gone denser..."!

Quilt basted into the longarm:

Some detail shots - I used Fil-tec Glide in the top and bottom. This is the first time I have used Glide and the longarm and I like it!

 Off the frame and ready to trim:

The binding is some Moda fabric from about 10-11 years ago that's been waiting for a project just like this; I'm so glad I finally had the chance to use it!

I pieced the label into the back:

The front:

Today was Rodney's last day of employment and while he requested that we not have a party, we did gather our staff together in our library for cake and ice cream. Rodney and the quilt--I believe he is happy with it!

Checking out the back and the label
Rodney receiving his certificate of appreciation from the boss:

The label - I love to create labels! And I like to include the fabric contents and care instructions. My labels are typically 8" x 10" as is this one:

We will miss him. He and his wife Sandy have a son, daughter-in-law and beautiful grandson in Florida, and will be headed to visit them soon. He has worked hard and we hope he enjoys this new chapter in his life!

Here's hoping you can enjoy some quilting!