Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finally Finished - Chinese Nachos!

It's another snow and ice day here in central Arkansas--which means it's a SEW DAY! I told the Hubster after my hour-and-a-half drive home (6 miles--normally takes me 15 minutes) that if our office was closed today I would go through paperwork, but the call of the studio changed that! So while I have some decent daylight downstairs, I have for your viewing pleasure...

Chinese Nachos! Another UFO has been completed and is ready for gifting.

Chinese Nachos is another quilt from the IMT series at the shop. I've always liked this one and I can't tell you why it languished for so long. I completed the top at least 2 years ago and had it draped on the longarm frame for the longest time to figure out how I could quilt it. Nothing came to mind.

I was going to put it on the frame in August but got the customer quilt instead. I finally loaded it during my home quilting retreat last month and spent a day quilting it. Nothing special--just basically doodled all over it; my favorite thing to do with a quilt.

The above photos were taken while the quilt was still on the longarm frame, that's why you'll see a difference in color with the following photos. Fluorescent lighting in the longarm room; LED lighting in the room where the following photos were taken:

The reason for the name: See the fabric in border? I would pick out colorways for the IMT groups based on the fattest bolts in the shop. I had always loved this one and decided this would be a great project for this fabric. I pulled the rest of the fabrics to coordinate with the border print and had a lot of fun with it. The fabric reminded me of nachos. The pattern was called Panda Paw for China; hence, Chinese Nachos. Well, it was funny to me!

The back is just as wild as the print on the border. I found this on sale online and thought it was perfect. I used it for the binding, too.

Our granddaughter Cheyanne will get this quilt at Christmas. I can't believe I have a Christmas present ready this far in advance! Chey will be almost 15 when she gets it, and I think the colors are perfect for her.

The full photo at the top looks wonky, as do most of my quilts. I need a tripod and a better way to hang quilts in order to take photos of them. It drives me crazy sometimes.

Batting: Pellon's Nature's Touch
Top thread: Fil-tec Glide in Limerick
Bobbin: Fil-Tec's MagnaGlide prewound bobbins in Turf

This is my 99th post. I'll have a giveaway for the 100th--stay tuned, and GO QUILT!