Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just keep organizing, just keep organizing...

Oldest DS came over last night and today to help me reorganize the studio. Since his stuff boomeranged back and his couch was now ensconced in the front of the studio, he told me he'd help me get the studio to where I wanted it. It's been pretty awful in the Bottoms Up! Studio lately:
Front room of Bottoms Up! Studio
We purged a lot of stuff today, moved some furniture around, and still there's much more to be done. The Fabric Cave has been receiving lots of punishment by having non-quilting stuff (i.e., paperwork) thrown into it and we're just getting started in there; we worked in the front room of the studio today. After 2 days off, I'm going back to work tomorrow and will pick up where I left off again this weekend.
The Fabric Cave - ugh...
But the 3 Blind Cats bed runner is done and on the bed! Finally Finished Monday:
3 Blind Cats bed runner
I had this "bright" idea that I would use not one, but two layers of fluffy polyester batting (I haven't used polyester batting since the quilt I made for the DH back in 1995 2000) to be nice to Queen Cleo and Princess Emmy. With a flannel top that has LOTS of seams (because that is the Buggy Barn way) and a flannel backing, the 50 wt. Aurifil thread I used to quilt it looks like 100 wt. silk! But I like the look of the thread; I didn't want anything to compete with the cats. And the Red Snappers worked great! I had this baby loaded on the frame in no time.

And wouldn't you know; the weather turned warm just as I finished it. I know the princess will be on it soon, but the queen likes the warm weather and will spend most of her days and nights outdoors. But this marks one of the items in BIN 1 off the list!

So the next few posts you'll see from me will probably be centered around studio organization--as much as I'm ready to get back on the longarm and quilt another top, the organizing thing is calling me more. 

Happy quilting!

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