Monday, May 6, 2013

No end to the organizing...

Our oldest son, Jack, boomeranged back recently--actually, his stuff boomeranged back--and he and the hubs spent some time building an extension to our basement storage area. That meant a lot of stuff being dragged out of the basement and plopped IN FRONT OF MY SEWING MACHINE. When you live in a house a certain number of years you are bound to collect some things you'd rather forget about--and for me, out of sight is out of mind. We'll celebrate our 17th year in our home this month and unbeknownst to me, or forgotten, was a large U-Haul box full of stuff that somehow got overlooked when we moved here. As soon as I saw it, I realized what it was...Mom's stuff. Mom lived with us when we moved in, and I remember her saying she was missing a box full of her stuff--this had her medications, work supplies, books, greeting cards,  bank statements, etc. Goodness, it was a trip down memory lane. Some of the things I found I had never seen before; the newspaper clipping from when she and Daddy applied for their marriage license, and the letter from the Marine Corps Commandant sending condolences to Mom on Daddy's passing; my sister's hospital birth certificate:

The end of April is another date for anniversaries for me--last Tuesday was the 12th anniversary of Mom's passing, and my 18th anniversary at my job. Both seem like yesterday. I miss both of my parents like crazy--Daddy passed away 40 years ago; Mom lived another 29 years after his passing. 

I purged a lot of the stuff in the box and saved what I wanted. I'm trying my best not to be too sentimental about stuff--and as some people say, it's all just stuff. But I will lay claim to some of the previously mentioned finds.

Moving onward--I spent Sunday afternoon quilting 3 Blind Cats and hope to have the quilting done by tomorrow. 

And back to organization--Jack is coming over today to help me rearrange things in the studio and hopefully make it more workable. The Bottoms Up! Studio is always a work-in-progress, just like me. 

Happy quilting,
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