Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barn Chicks - the reveal!

Barn Chicks is now Cece's Chicks--and has been gifted to the honoree. Cece is my co-worker and her birthday was today. I gave it to her yesterday because we work for a federal government agency, and we didn't know if we were coming to work today. The reason for the quilt? Cece has about 3 dozen chickens--and I am the lucky recipient of a lot her chickens' eggs! 

The progress on this quilt was shown in previous posts, but here's the label:

And here's the label stitched on the back of the quilt:

This is the first quilt where I've attached the label to the backing BEFORE quilting the quilt. I've heard many recommendations for this but had always resisted because I didn't want the stitching to interfere with the label design. I love to make labels--and while I'm happy with how this turned out, it appears the background gets lost (I made it too transparent). Live and learn! And AFTER I made the label and attached it, I realized I forgot to put in the identifying info for Cece. Duh...

Cece had seen my Crazy Cats quilt last year and loved it--she wanted it. I could have made that for her, but the Barn Chicks quilt seemed much more appropriate. I made it at our Girl Gang Retreat in February and it was a last-minute decision--hence the fabric choices being along the same lines as in the published pattern. I wish that I had had more time to make better fabric choices, but I'm still happy with the way it turned out color-wise. 

I believe Cece is happy with her new quilt! 

Cece is a quilter--she is still hand quilting her first quilt and has started a new bed runner. I think I can talk her into making her own Crazy Cats quilt.

Progress is being made on Love Endures, and it's due before the end of the month. I'll show more progress photos in another post.

Happy quilting,