Sunday, December 8, 2013


This weekend was the first opportunity I have had to stitch in over a month, and my attitude has suffered for it.

We've had a lovely long weekend due to the freezing rain and sleet. Hubster got everything we needed so we wouldn't have to venture out on the nasty roads. He also knew I needed to sew. I went downstairs Friday and instead of working on something with a deadline, I chose to work on one of the quilts that's ready to be quilted. I made the label and pieced the backing. On Saturday I attached the label to the backing, loaded the quilt on the frame and got it basted in. I started quilting in the border and didn't really like how the thread looked on it. Sent a photo of it to Katrina, and she said keep going!

This is the quilt while it was on the wall:

This is a quilt from the International Mystery Tour at the shop. The pattern was called "Swiss Miss" and I had the "coffee" colorway. I changed the name of it to "Swiss Mocha"--I don't drink the powdered stuff anymore, but I do make it from scratch (and add a little Creme de Cacao to it for some extra warmth).

I had a plan to quilt a coffee cup in each block, but I decided that was too much for the quilt. I'm doing an allover design of swirls and ribbons just so it will be DONE. It's not a gift for anyone (yet) and I want it finished by December 31 so I can add it to the Finally Finished list for 2013.

On Sunday I didn't get down to the studio until the early afternoon because I needed to finish my Christmas decorating. Once I got to the studio, I started some ribbon swirls in the outer border, then did some tight steam swirls in the inner border, then did the stitch in the ditch around each block of the first three rows.

It's been nice spending the last 3 days in the Bottoms Up! Studio; it's lifted my mood. Schools are closed in our area tomorrow due to the weather, but I telework on Mondays and will be "back" to work early in the morning.

I still miss my Buck. I looked for him outside my patio door in the studio; he would lie down on the patio and watch me while I sewed.

I hope you stay warm and dry.

Happy quilting,

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