Monday, December 23, 2013

Love Endures - the reveal!

Adding to my list of Finally Finished for 2013 is Love Endures--I trimmed the last thread last night and presented it to its honoree, the lovely Emma, David's girlfriend:
Pardon those two behind the quilt, the wind was just beginning to pick up and they were doing the best they could. I like to take photos of quilts outside when it's overcast, but in this case it didn't do so well.

Close-ups - this one is of the lake:
Detail of the mountains' reflection in the lake: 
The BIG tent--I didn't do as much detail as I had originally thought, but I'm happy with it:
The campfire:
Alice (Emma), reclining against the tree:
With a copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird" in her lap:

Making this quilt with David was an adventure and allowed me to try my hand at a story quilt. It took some coaxing to get David to make the quilt in this style, but he was happy with it, and Emma is very pleased! 

Here's the label:

So this makes #8 that I've completed this year. Swiss Mocha is on the longarm and will hopefully be completed by the 31st, but even if it isn't, I'm grateful to have completed 8 quilts this year. 

Today is David's birthday and we'll have a big dinner party to celebrate. We started a tradition a few years ago where the birthday boy determines the cuisine for the dinner and helps prepare the dinner. I'll have two birthday posts soon (David's and Will's) and will then talk more about the food.

My sister arrived Saturday, our son Ross arrives tomorrow. Our oldest, Jack, won't be with us for Christmas day; he and the lovely Syd will be headed out of town to be with her family. Will's mom is also here.

I'll do a wrap-up (I hope) next week once all company is gone and it's just me and the hubster--Will is going away with his mom for the holidays so it will be nice to have a little down time. Our wedding anniversary is the 29th and we'll probably celebrate at home.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Embrace your loved ones, whether family or friends, and always know that you are loved.