Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 - The Game Plan: UFOs

In my welcome to 2015 last month I only talked about what I had planned for January, and last week I mentioned my goals for February. Here's what I'm thinking of for the rest of the year.
As much as I want to start some new projects, I'm itching to finish more of the 60 UFOs, WIPs and PIGs in my cave (down from 67!). There will be at least one new project (the Tattoo Project), but here are the others I want to work on, some with photos in their current state:

Chinese Nachos International Mystery Tour (IMT) - this will be a gift for one of our granddaughters, and it's ready to go on the longarm.

Pink Australia Streak of Lightning IMT - this will be a gift for a granddaughter; needs borders:

Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs - this hot mess will have a design change and will be a gift for maybe a grandnephew; maybe someone else. The blocks are pieced, but I'm thinking about throwing in some sashing to give a little more definition:

Indonesian Beach Huts IMT - gift for a grandnephew; blocks are pieced and I'm still deciding if there will be sashing and borders.

French Rose of Picardy IMT - gift for a grandniece; rows are pieced and needs borders.

German Braid IMT - gift for a grandniece or a baby quilt; need to figure out where I'm going stop the braids.

Plain old squares quilt. I started piecing these together for a little cousin who is now not so little and there's no way this would work for him now. Perhaps it will be for another grandniece. Some rows are pieced; there will be no border.

(How many grands do we have? I lose count.)

A Bit Askew designed by Blue Underground Studio; needs borders.

Pumpkin Pie designed by Sandy Bonsib from her Sweet Treats book; it needs borders.

Old Friends; my design, and haven't yet decided if this will stay at my house or go to a friend who recently retired--it just needs to be quilted:

Are you noticing a pattern here? I have a LOT of IMT quilts and shop samples that were never finished. I finished one last year and it stayed here at home. These quilts are lap-sized and are perfect for gifts. I need to gift all of the grands with a quilt since I made one for the newest one last year.

As I look back on the UFOs that I want to complete this year, I find that almost all of them are patterns and fabrics that are now outside of my wheelhouse. Maybe that's why I want to get rid of them; I'll feel better about what's left behind after they've been gifted?

Part of my process goes back to my idea of just moving forward. There have been lots of instances in the last year where I didn't want to think too much of what I was going to do; I just needed to do. I would walk into the studio, find a UFO and start sewing. And I have a few more months of that before things ease up here at the house and at work, so UFOs will probably be the dish du jour for a while.

I must have finally reached that point in my life where I feel the urge to finish before starting anew. That, or something else deep down is stopping me from that "wild abandon" feeling I used to have whenever I saw something that caught my eye. I'm still proud of the fact that I finished the three quilts I started last year. Maybe that means I've grown up...BUT!

...a couple of weeks ago as I was sitting in the studio, I pulled some Christmas quilt books and decided, yes, I want Christmas quilts for every room.

Let's see what happens. Everything is subject to change! Just remember:

(It surely does.)

Go quilt!

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