Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow day in the studio and One Block Wonder ideas

It's Saturday, but I don't care! We had a snow day on Tuesday but I had to telework, so I'm taking what I can get. This morning we got up early because Will was supposed to take his ACT test. After we found out that it had been canceled due to the snow, I hunkered down in my recliner with a cup of coffee and Pinterest. 

This may explain why I'm wanting to start a bunch of new projects--so much inspiration. I'm a little obsessed with the One Block Wonder quilt--I had the idea to make one in the colors we're using for Christmas decorating and I bought not one, but two different pieces of fabric. After doing the magic mirror test, I'm not sure that either one of these fabrics will work; one is really busy and the other has wide open spaces. Both had the right color families, and I really don't want to purchase any more fabric right now. Then I started digging in my stash and found one OBW already started (2009, one strip cut), and at least 4 other fabrics that would make great OBWs--one was purchased when I thought it would make a great Stack 'n Whack quilt (before OBW was published). 
Fabrics 1 and 2 for One Block Wonder quilts
I purchased both of these fabrics online. Had I been in a quilt shop eyeing them I may have shied away. Here's some samples with the magic mirrors - Fabric 1:

Fabric 2:

(Sorry about the shadows, it's getting dark in the studio.)

Fabric 1 is incredibly busy and has a small repeat, small enough to where I would double it to make sure I got a good variety of blocks, but it may be too busy. Fabric 2 has lots of background space which would give the blocks a very open and minimalist quality, and I love it.

So...I'll keep stewing on those because the retirement quilt is the priority (but I surely am itching to get going on something new!).

After lunch today I headed downstairs to the Bottoms Up! Studio and continued piecing the retirement quilt. All the blocks are done and I have moved on to the stripes. Oh, and I found out that the pattern is Three Tours designed by Tony Jacobson of Fons & Porter and has 10" blocks instead of my 8" blocks.

I made the first set of stripes and decided to throw the row up on the design wall. Remember that issue I discovered regarding the size of the flying geese unit from the Accuquilt dies? My four-patch star blocks are 1/8" too large...more trimming...darn.

Some Mexican hot cocoa would be good right now...or a glass of wine...or a Bloody Mary...

Enjoy your weekend!