Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today is my birthday--and we start celebrating today and don't stop for a full two months--it's the beginning of the My-Birthday-Administrative-Professionals-Week-Mother's-Day-DH's-Birthday-DS's-Birthday-and-Father's-Day Celebration--which means all diets go to you know where in a hand basket but we don't care!

The celebration began yesterday with a surprise luncheon in my office. I was on my way out the door to meet the hubs for lunch when I was grabbed by a co-worker into our library and everyone sang, "Happy Birthday!" So we're continuing our celebration tonight with our youngest son, David, and his girlfriend, Emma, with dinner cooked by the hubs. No quilting today--but I'm so happy I have family here. Later in the week our oldest son, Jack, will have dinner with us and at some point in the hopefully not too distant future, we'll celebrate our son Ross' birthday--he lives in Memphis so we'll head up the road to continue that part of the celebration.

At the risk of sounding maudlin, the week leading up to my birthday I typically spend a lot of time reflecting on the previous year and the upcoming year--and this birthday is a milestone for me. Today I'm 55--my father died when he was 54, so I can't begin to tell you about the anxiety I have experienced counting down to this day. But as I've said in a previous post, I am going to live my life and dance like no one's watching.

I did get to spend some time in the Bottoms Up! Studio this past Sunday, and I hope to spend the entire weekend in it this coming weekend as a birthday present to myself--there's a lot I want to accomplish this month.

I can drive 55!

Happy quilting,
a primandnotsoproperquilter

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