Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Bins

I think I need an acronym for The Bins. Like, "Busted Ideas Needing their Swan Song...", because I've always been a great starter but not so great finisher. I'm trying to turn that around. Easter Sunday I spent a blissful day in the Bottoms Up! Studio working on the contents of Bin #1--

Practice Trick or Treat Baskets - blocks trimmed, sewn together and basted, ready for hand quilting:

Flannel Crazy Cats project - no longer a pillow project, this will be a bed runner of sorts for our cats to sleep upon:

My down-and-dirty Civil War repro quilt - some adjustments necessary on this one:

I also picked out border fabric for the Barn Chicks quilt.

I have to say it was very satisfying to work on these projects! I hope at least two of them are finished by month's end.

Here's hoping it's finally Spring where you are--after a beautiful day at 70° yesterday we're back to the 40s and rain.

Happy quilting!


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