Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014 Progress Report

So...yeah. May.

Here's what I had set goals for and what was actually accomplished:

Goal 1 - Quilt and complete the Christmas half log cabin quilt: Since this was the #1 goal for the month, I got the quilt on the frame the first weekend in May and started quilting. I ran into some issues with tension because I used polyester and my Tonka Toy (my longarm finally has a name!) loves cotton, just like her mama. After a bunch of fiddling we were off and running. My idea was a continuous feather in the "light" sections of the half log cabins, and swirls and berries in the dark sections. I used So Fine Daffodil in the light area and decided it was TOO light.

I used Superior's Rainbows Christmas in the dark area and LOVED it.

I was not happy with the light area and decided it needed more I ordered some Fil-Tec Glide in Military Gold and outlined the feathers in the light area. Much happier with it, but wishing I had used this thread for all of the feathers.

And I'm still not done--the border is waiting patiently and I am still figuring out what's going there. So, the quilt is not completed.

Goal 2 - Trick or Treat: Complete 8 blocks.

FOUR blocks done. Four is better than none.

Goal 3 - Piece the backing for the baby bullseye quilt. Not a darn thing happened on this one. I went into the studio last night thinking I would at least start piecing it, but no...interruptions.

Goal 4 - Start a NewFO. "United We Stand" - Woohoo! You're looking at it:

I'm using Pellon's EZ Steam Lite II to help me out here (when, oh when, will Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite come back????). Lesson learned: Peel and stick fairly quickly after you've applied the stuff.

So why the slow down? Life intervenes--our air conditioner decided it was DONE the first weekend in May. The basement is where my studio is located and while it's cooler there, it faces the west and the full afternoon sun can really get to you. The temps have been lower than normal for this time of year (I'm grateful!), but it's been very it gets muggy and I like dry.

Work has also taken its toll on my time. This month we hosted our annual seminar and I'm the one who organizes the handouts, CLE submissions, meal, audio visual presentations, moderator in breakout sessions...I'm not as good at being in 5 places at one time as I used to be, and told the boss so after it was over. I had to take on a lot of Rodney's duties when he retired at the end of March, and so I'm working extra hours, too.

Combine all of the above with our ward, Will, having a horrible school year. We met with his guidance counselor yesterday and will meet with her again in 2 weeks to determine the course of action for next year. The boy is going to be so busy this summer that he'll never know what hit him. Which is exactly what he needs.

Blessings do come along though--the week after the A/C died, we were given a Primo ceramic grill and the back porch has become our summer kitchen--thankfully, the oven in the kitchen will not get much use! All last weekend it was in use - country ribs, brisket, homemade baked beans, hamburgers, and back ribs. It's wonderful!
Brisket from the new grill--YUM!
So I'm hoping that June is less stressful and more quilt-full! I'll have my June goal-settings post up soon.

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