Sunday, April 5, 2015

A pillow for Syd - Finally Finished!

Katrina and LeiLani were here last Saturday to quilt. We were each doing our own thing...mine was getting up the courage to install an invisible zipper into a pillow cover.

Doesn't sound like much, does it? But I've never done it before. I've been sewing for over 45 years and while I've sewn in many regular zippers, I had never wanted to sew an invisible zipper; back in the days when I made my own clothes, nothing smacked more homemade to me than an invisible zipper. But then came a reason for doing it...

At least 2 years ago the lovely Syd, our oldest son's girlfriend, was working at a home dec fabric store (the nicest in town, Cynthia East Fabrics) and picked up some fabulous fabric that she wanted made into a pillow cover. She had a large Euro sham that she wanted to use and could I make the pillow cover with an invisible zipper and install another invisible zipper in the pillow she brought me? I froze up...I said I had never installed an invisible zipper but there's always a first time...

So fast forward to last weekend. A few days before I dug up some scraps from a re-upholstery job my sister did on a little rocking chair, and I added some strips to a little top of four blocks that I had stitched up as a sample of the Trick or Treat blocks to see which applique method I wanted to employ for that project. AND I INSTALLED THAT INVISIBLE ZIPPER.
It's not perfect, but I wanted a dry run before I attempted this on Syd's pillows. I felt a little like I did when I stitched my first mitered border last year--that it wasn't so hard (or so bad)!

After I did the first pillow, I took on the pillow that Syd brought to me. I didn't think to take a photo before I disassembled it. I was made of linen and that was some slippery stuff, but I got the zipper in. Then I tackled the big project and couldn't remember--did she want one of each fabric, or one fabric on each side? The texting started with my son because I so wanted this to be a surprise!
Syd's pillow fabrics
He confirmed what I thought she wanted, and I set about the task.

I surprised Syd with the pillow today at our Easter brunch:

I think she's pretty happy about it. There's enough fabric left over to make another, and that's what she wants. I hope to have it completed this week.

As part of my desire to make Christmas quilts for each bedroom, I want to make matching shams, dust ruffles, pillows, etc. So the home dec surge is coming on. I don't know how long it will last.

March went by so quickly. New employee at work is taking to his job like a duck to water (THANKS BE TO GOD) and I finally felt Thursday afternoon as if the burden was lightened somewhat. Is it surprising that it happened on Maundy Thursday? I'll take it.

Happy Easter to all of you. The Lord is risen!

Go quilt!

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