Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Brunch

We had a lovely day on Easter.
Two of our kids were here with their significant others, along with my sister and Holly. Steph and Holly provided the wonderful Easter baskets like they did last year, and decorated.

We had a wonderful brunch with Eggs Benedict, homemade Hollandaise sauce (I killed a blender jar yesterday during the test run), grits cakes, country potatoes, biscuits, redeye-sausage gravy, roasted asparagus, and mimosas. We forgot to serve the fruit salad. And the ice cream.

The Hubster busted his butt decorating the cake:
After we ate we dyed eggs. Something we forget every year is to take the eggs out of the fridge and bring them back to room temperature before dyeing them. We're making a note for next year.

Here's more of the fun:
All the dyed eggs

Sweet flower arrangement

My basket

All the baskets

Chowing down

You can tell we don't stand on ceremony at our table

Syd practicing her new skills on Emma

Prettiest egg of the day!

I hope your Easter was wonderful. On Monday, I made a quick trip to JoAnn's to pick up two more invisible zippers (I'm on a roll now with those things and Syd has asked me to make two more pillow covers). While I was there I picked up some of their 70%-off Easter stuff--kitchen towels, and bought about a little over 4 yards of Easter fabric to make napkins for next year. The home dec surge continues.

Go quilt!

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