Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015 Progress Report: ALYoF, 350 Blocks Project, and more

Changes, changes, changes.

I feel as if I've been on a dead run and have nothing to show for it. Lots of time was spent planning the renovation of the master bath. We keep going down the rabbit hole of how about this? What about that? What if we used this...I'm sure many of you have suffered through this dilemma. I realized mid-May that this is our first major renovation EVER...we're taking it down to the studs and it's a scary thought, but I am so ready to have my own bathroom again. I'll post progress photos.

We returned Will to his mom. Almost immediately after we dropped him off, I felt as if a huge cloud had lifted and my spirits have been raised. I feel that life is beautiful and I'm ready to see the light of day outside of the Bottoms Up! Studio and start living again. I can't tell you how profoundly I feel this sense of relief and happiness! And now, the Hubster and I talk about OUR kids instead of Will.

AND, our oldest son is moving his studio into my longarm room and I'm moving the longarm and some other stuff into the front portion of the studio...and all of this takes time, time, and more time. You will see some of his art work on this blog before long!

Now, for the quilting update. I spent several hours cutting up the fabrics for the low-volume Christmas Burgoyne Surrounded quilt and have made 3 blocks. I have enjoyed cutting up the pieces for the blocks one at a time, but I think I'll have to go back to my assembly-line production style in order to get it completed by Christmas. I've completed 3 blocks; here are the first two.

Trick or Treat really fell off the cliff this month. I spent more time in the studio than I did in other places. Four blocks instead of 8.

Pinetree Village: This was my ALYoF goal for May--get the snowflakes fused, piece the backing and get it on the frame. I got as far as piecing the backing when the decision was made to move the longarm into the front room, so all work stopped. I'll get it quilted in time for Christmas, and that's ok.

350 Blocks Project: Oh, my, I believe my goal for the year is in jeopardy. I set my own goal of 50 blocks to make up for my shortage from April; here's the tally:

Trick or Treat: 4
Burgoyne Surrounded: 3
Backing for Pinetree Village: Counting as 4

I haven't made any more pillows, but they're in the hopper. I've also been thinking about making my own clothes again, and looking at Bootstrap and Lekala for customized patterns. 

Secret project: I've been amassing all the stuff I need to make the quilt. The Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 arrived this week (YAY!), so I'm ready to start, as soon as the studio is rearranged.

Go quilt!

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