Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 2017 wrap-up

No finishes this month, but I'm ok with it--progress was made!

And that's the take-away for me--I hit that bliss point this last week when I was finally making some good progress on the Girl Gang DIY quilt. I really wanted a finish this month, but I'm feeling at least 2 finishes coming on for March, so it's all good.

And about that bliss point--it's always amazing to me whenever it arrives. And it makes me smile! No wonder I always want to get into the studio.

But another thing hit me this week--I noticed one afternoon that I spent more time binge-watching the Gilmore Girls instead of making. I almost said to the Hubster that I was thinking about removing the TV from the studio. No, no, no. I just need to turn it off when I'm concentrating on something.

I mentioned in my last post about the "sucks" factor about working on one project at a time. Even though I made a mug rug and tested a sample for the new La Passacaglia quilt, I spent the rest of my time on the Girl Gang DIY quilt. Flimsy status is in sight and I can't wait!

I gave my black and white swap blocks to Cindy and LeiLani weekend before last when they were here for Stitch & Bitch. I'll work on the layout for my quilt either in March or April; I have an idea for it.

This past weekend the Hubster built 2 pegboard walls for me to place on either side of the new sewing table. He also retrofitted 2 light fixtures so we could replace the fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs--talk about a difference! I already had the LED bulbs in the fixture directly above my sewing table, but my goodness...let there be light! Thanks, Honey!
Pegboard wall installed--and this is not the light fixture with the LED lights
We had a birthday dinner for Emma, David's girlfriend, and I hosted Pokeno--twice. Lots of cooking for me, which is not my normal, but I did come up with a recipe that I will make again. It's a Mexican lasagna--there are a lot of recipes out there for this, but this is what I came up with: Mexican Lasagna

March will be another busy month. The Bernina mastery classes are the first 3 Fridays, and we're heading up the road to Memphis to see "Beautiful" and attend a wedding. The Hubster has spring break in late March; I'll take that week off and I'm hoping to get in some quality sewing time. There will be more purging, too.

It's been unseasonably warm here (not complaining)--but I am ready for it to be officially spring!

Go quilt!

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